HIVE is a creative team made up of Swisscom apprentices. We employ creative designers and experienced developers.

Roady, ready to take off!

HIVE is a Swisscom internal team consisting of apprentices. Currently we employ 10 motivated apprentices who are ready to support innovative ideas. Designing and developing inspiring websites and creating meaningful logos is part of our core business. We are also happy to develop a „clickable prototype“ for apps or complex websites.

Currently we support Marcus Bergagård in the Roady project. We guide and support Marcus Bergagård in design topics and tasks.

In the past months we have created Marcus Bergagård’s website with WordPress. In the future we will continuously add new features to his website and create a blog.

To realize the Roady project, Marcus Bergagård needs an application that is IOS as well as Android compatible. In the future, an interactive media designer from the HIVE team will take over the task of app design.