About us

Our goal with Roady is to create the next generation of travel assistant app that digitalizes and enriches the road trip experience opening up new discoveries of places on the journey to your destination – because in its essence, the journey is the goal.

Who are we?

Marcus Bergagård

Founder Roady

I’m driven by technology, innovation and business models. With a team like ours, there are no boundaries, only horizons, and that’s what Roady is all about

Emanuel Amacher

Designer – HIVE

Hello together, I am a learning mediamatician and support Marcus in creative matters. Also, I’ve recently got my driving licences and I’m looking forward to my first road trips with Roady. 

Mamun Babar

Leader HIVE TEam

As leader of the HIVE team I coordinate and distribute the tasks witch are to be accomplished. I am mainly active in the administration. 

Nico Ornella

developer – Hive

I am the developer of the HIVE – Team. I challenge the designs, witch I receive from Emanuel and put them into practice. I really enjoy this.

Marc Schweizer


The best time to live is now – never before have we had so many opportunities to develop exciting things with the data, the networks between people, machines and each other.